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лазерное удаление волос на голове

anastasios filis спрашивает:

I want to be informed about having laser hair removal on my scalp. I have a full head of hair, but I have been shaving since 19 years old (I am 40 now). I will be visiting toyr town quit often the next 3 years due to professional reasons and I am looking to have a permanent solution, cause I want to be permanent bald. My skin color is very light brown almost white and my hair very dark brown. I have very few white hair. I want to know: 1. If the treatment is possible 2. An average cost 3. If I could shave my head between the treatments (if that is needed) 4. If could use electrolysis after the laser treatments to remove the white hair Thank you in advance Tasos

Администратор Консультант Клиники "ГрандМед"

Good Day, Тasos. Thank you for your reliance. The treatment is possible in this case. We can remove any hair using laser exept for white hair because there is no pigment in white hair. The price of treatment depends on quantity of laser flashes. The quantity of laser flashes depends on the size of the area of the scalp. We can  suppose that it will be necessary to do about 300-500 flashes. The price of one laser flash is from 80 rubles till 100 rubles. At first you should visit the consultation, which costs 1.000 rubles. During the consultation the specialist will tell you more about detales of the procedure in your case. An approximate price is about 50.000 rubles. You may shave your head between the procedures. You may use  electrolysis after the laser treatments but not  earlier than in 4 weeks after treatment! We will be glad to see you in our clinic.

11 февраля 2015

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