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I want to do cheek filler. How much does it cost?

Администратор Консультант Клиники "ГрандМед"

Good day, Chika! The cost of the planimetric plasticity connected with introduction of fillers varies because depends on firm and a type of gel which is used by the cosmetologist. Work of the cosmetologist on gel introduction – 1000 rub, 1 syringe – from 12 200 rub. We recommend you to register in consultation to the cosmetologist-dermatologist on which the doctor will determine necessary amount of works in your case, and the manager will calculate the cost. It is possible to register in consultation, having called by ph. (812) 327-5000, or having filled a form below. The administrator will surely contact you for coordination of consultation time, convenient for you. We will be glad to see you!

25 августа 2016

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